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ARIOSTO COELHO, PH.D., LMFT, an artist, psychotherapist and spiritual coach

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[The Swinging Door. Coelho, 2006. Oil on masonite 20"x24".

This painting is currently displayed at Moima Ashram in San Bruno CA]



 "The Swinging Door is the title of one of my oil paintings displayed in my office in Redwood City, California. Many visitors and clients, both young and old, who look at this painting, see a reflection of their inner selves and share their comments with me or ask for mine. As they engage their inner child and look at the distant light their souls begin to travel. They become aware of the developmental stages of their life, the various layers of conscious existence, or they go beyond the realms of the unconscious into the transpersonal or spiritual. Though at times painful, it is generally a fascinating experience. I am grateful to these story tellers, soul travelers, integral artists and philosophers for allowing me to accompany them as they share their life histories by unfolding and enfolding many a playful or painful aspect of their journeys.

          "As the soul proceeds toward the center [enfolding] or moves outward from the center [unfolding] The Swinging Door becomes a symbol for the impermanent but predictable passages through time. The transitional techniques used to move beyond developmental stages and realms of existence are yet another way to understand this metaphor. The swinging door could also symbolizes the psychological resistances, the unforeseen traumas and other wanted or unwanted experiences encountered along the way. The swinging door could be understood as personal meditation, spiritual experience, religious expression and mediation offered by the shaman, the psychotherapist and the priestess." [Integral Art. Coelho . 2010.]




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